Behaviour Driven Development At Planetary Scale.

Since there is no such thing as JSONPath specification, every implementer create it's own variations. But I try to follow description from JSONPath as close as possible.

 Feature                 Example                 Implemented
Dot filtering           `$.one.two`               Y         
Brace filtering         `$['one']['two']`         Y         
Array slicing            `$[1,2,3]` `$.o[2]`      Y         
Hash slicing             `$['one', 'two']`        Y         
Asterisk (hash, array)   `$.one.*` `$.one[*]`     Y         
Python-slicing           `$[1:-1:2]`              Partial*  
Eval binary filter     
 `$[?(@.cat != 'mew')]` 
Eval index               `$[('one')]`             Partial** 
Recursive descent        `..`                     Y         

[*] Only step=1 supported now [**] Limited scripting language: string, integer, binary operators and function calls